Our Mission

Welcome to Nearby Artisans. This is where you can find a directory for artisans, crafters, designers, vendors, bakers, or anyone who makes something themselves, or sells items made locally. I have been a crafter for most of my adult life, whether it was painting white ceramic pieces as a teenager, or making the myriad of things I do today, making things with my hands has been a big part of my life. Today, however, art and crafting is one of the fastest growing industries in our country, and around the world. It seems that many people feel something satisfying about making something that they thought of in their own minds, and then created something tangible from those thoughts. Whether it be a vendor who has a store in a busy city, or a retired person that loves crafting but doesn’t know where to begin selling their wares, this is a good place to start.

There is also the question of shipping. I have read so many blogs over the years where a person wanted to get a special birthday shirt for their grandchild, or someone that wants to order shirts for an entire birthday party, but shipping was often an issue. It is sad when the shipping costs are sometimes as much as the item itself. Yet, there may be someone close to you that could customize that shirt for you, which would save on shipping expenses, and the time it takes to arrive. No guessing on an arrival time, so you have to wait for the delivery.

Vendors who have a good amount of customers that they ship to, will probably keep those customers if they are happy, but they may also gain new customers who have wanted to order items online, but just dreaded the whole shipping ordeal. However, if you want to remain an anonymous customer, that can still be done. But those wanting heavier objects, such as home décor made of wood, metal, glass, and ceramics can purchase without the added costs of shipping. If an artisan near you has a location that you can’t go to, there are options such as meeting places, often near police stations, coffee shops, and mutually agreed upon locations. This site has mapping of the artisan’s location, so you can see what area you would be traveling to if the weather was bad, or if it was farther than you had thought.

I do hope you will consider finding out what vendors are in your area, and support those local vendors.  To be listed, please fill out the form with your information.  A link is provided above.